Altar Servers Needed

We wish to reinstate the ministry of altar servers at our Saturday evening and Sunday Masses.

Altar servers not only assist the priest during the Mass but, more importantly, add a sense of solemnity and dignity to the Mass.
Since it has been quite a while since weve had servers, we are going to begin by training older servers, junior high through high school,

who will then assist in eventually training and guiding the younger servers. In addition, we invite adults and families to serve at the Masses.
Parents would be able to guide their younger children in serving. How wonderful it would be to see families with children together serving at our Masses!

If you are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact the Parish Office @ 574-233-2179 or Father Jim with your contact information, your age(s), and which Mass you
would like to serve. Father Jim will schedule a couple of training sessions for the convenience of those who volunteer for this ministry.