Meet the 2023-24 Parish Council Members

Frank Agostino (2nd year)
Brian Dolezal (3rd year)
Marge Gloster (2nd year)
Patrick Hess (3rd year)
Ricky Klee (1st year)
Angelo Martinez (1st year)
Rachel Parroquin (2nd year)
Iona Popa (2nd year)
Terri Scott (1st year)
Mike Urbaniak, Chair (3rd year)
Aurelia Wishart (2nd year)

Our Parish Pastoral Council members will focus on 3 main responsibilities:

  1. To discern and articulate the mission of the parish and ensure the parish’s well-being;
  2. Engage in pastoral planning by setting short-term and long-term pastoral goals for the
    parish community within the framework of diocesan priorities;
  3. Evaluate the pastoral effectiveness of parish programs and services in the six missions as articulated by the diocese: Evangelization, Education, Pastoral Ministry, Liturgy, Social Concerns & Outreach, and Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations.