Holy Cross is a vibrant parish and school community that depends upon the financial support of its faithful parishioners and school families in order to offer the quality school education and the many programs, ministries, and activities that meet the needs of its members and the wider community.  Your support of our parish through a legacy gift will ensure that Holy Cross continues to fulfill its obligations as a community of faith, worship, and service.

Legacy Gifts:

Through a legacy gift, you can continue to support the parish’s mission to do the work of Christ: “to make God known, loved, and served.”

Outright Gifts:

Cash…make a quick and easy gift now.  Simply write a check to Holy Cross Parish.  This gift can serve as a current deduction on your income tax and enable you to see the benefits of your gift during your lifetime.


Avoid tax on capital gains.  Transfer long-term appreciated stock or other securities to Holy Cross Parish.  You will gain a current charitable tax deduction of the fair market value the date the gift is made, and possibly avoid a capital gains tax.

Deferred Gifts:

Bequest in Will

Defer a gift until after your lifetime.  Name Holy Cross Parish in your will: designate a specific amount, a percentage, or a share of the remainder.  You can gain a possible exemption of your donation from federal estate tax while controlling assets during your lifetime.

Life Insurance

Make a large gift with little or no direct cost to you.  Name Holy Cross Parish as the owner and beneficiary on a life insurance policy you no longer need.  You may receive a current deduction on your income tax and through future gift payments to policy premiums.

Retirement Assets

Avoid twofold taxation on IRAs or other qualified employee benefit plans.  Name Holy Cross Parish as the beneficiary of the remainder of your assets after your lifetime.  You can retain more money for family by gifting your most highly taxed assets, thus avoiding some income and estate taxes.


My heartfelt thanks for your commitment to Holy Cross Parish and School through your legacy gift, which will ensure our future viability as a parish.

In Christ,

Father Jim


This information is not intended as legal advice in accounting or financial matters. 

Please seek the counsel of a licensed professional in the appropriate field.