Seeking Parish Pastoral Council Nominations

We will soon be accepting Parish Pastoral Council nominations. Parishioners leaving the council and not eligible for
selection this year are Miguel Abrajan, Jason Ball, Matt Curry, John Paul Lichon, and John Tugman. Current members of
the council who do not need nominations are Larry Day, Matthew Insley, Beverly Kingston, Jane Murphy, Kris Robinson,
Ruth Sanford, and Deb Stockwell.

The main purposes of the pastoral council are:
* To discern and articulate the mission of the parish, and ensure the parish’s well-being.
* To engage in pastoral planning by setting short-term and long-term pastoral goals for the parish community within
the framework of diocesan priorities.
* To evaluate the pastoral effectiveness of parish programs and services in the six Missions as articulated by the
diocese: Evangelization, Education, Pastoral Ministry, Liturgy, Social Concerns & Outreach, and Ecumenical &
Interfaith Relations.

The responsibilities of council member include:
* Regularly attend meetings of the Parish Pastoral Council. Any member with three unexcused absences in one year will
be considered to have resigned.
* Seek input from parishioners on areas of pastoral planning and parish well-being, and share this information in
Council discussions.
* Participate in the implementation of parish policies and initiatives.

In considering nominees, please keep the criteria above in mind. Your nominee(s) should be a practicing Catholic and a
Holy Cross parishioner, high school age or older, who regularly (i.e. each Sunday) attends Sunday Mass and is active in the
parish. You are welcome to nominate more than one parishioner. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your decision
concerning nominees to serve for the next three years on the parish pastoral council.

Mark your calendar!

August 28, 2021 is Diocesan World Youth DayHigh school youths are invited to join Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades and nationally acclaimed speaker Father Agustino Torres, CFR, at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne on Saturday, Aug. 28, for Diocesan World Youth Day. This event offers young people a dynamic celebration of our faith with speakers, food trucks, music, activities and Mass and adoration with Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades.