Parish Administrative Assistant Needed!

The Parish office is seeking a part-time administrative assistant who will work 3 days a week, approximately 20 hours a week.  The successful candidate, who will greet visitors at the parish center, answer the phone and serve the general needs of the parish, will have strong administrative and interpersonal skills.  This person, who reports to the pastor, will compose the weekly parish bulletin, maintain the parish database and calendar, record sacramental data, prepare bulk mailings, schedule mass intentions, and assist the other administrative assistant, business manager, and members of the pastoral team.  This position, which requires strong typing skills, entails use of Microsoft Word and Excel.  Some proficiency in Spanish is preferred but not required.

A Promise of Hope & Healing

Moving forward together!

We continue to rejoice in the generosity of our parishioners willing to assist our parish in this challenging time.

We offer heartfelt thanks to all of you who have responded. For those who are still evaluating your participation,

please know every special gift and every pledge for your regular Sunday contribution will help.

We are asking for 100% participation in A Promise of Hope & Healing to help our parish.

Please send in your second response envelope by Sunday, September 27, 2020.

This envelope is for those who wish to catch up on missed contributions last Spring or wish to make an additional donation

to the parish, not for those who have been regularly supporting the parish.

Electronic giving is the preferred, easy, safe, and secure way to give to our parish.

Set up electronic Gift Giving

As always, we welcome your contributions by whatever method is most convenient for you.