Holy Cross School

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Holy Cross School, established in 1929, is one of the oldest Catholic elementary schools in Indiana.

Founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, the school was the first building of the parish, housing the original church within the school building.  The Holy Cross priests and brothers recognized the importance of a school in their new parish.  Holy Cross School was to be a place where faith could be taught, nurtured, and practiced freely.  The school was blessed with 173 Holy Cross Sisters who taught at Holy Cross between 1929 and 1984.  For over 85 years Holy Cross School has endured and prospered, standing as a testimony to the faith, hope, and courage of ‘west side’ South Bend immigrants.

Today within a culture that often seems to glorify violence, encourage greed, and promote self-indulgence, it is more important than ever to offer an alternative education experience to our children.  At Holy Cross School, our children are taught that they have a responsibility to respect all human life, care for the less fortunate, and be stewards of God’s many gifts.

We offer Catholic education to students from Preschool & PreK (4 & 5 year olds) through 8th Grade, as well as before and after school care.