Marriage Preparation “TO DO” List

Things to do before scheduling a wedding

__ 1. Meet with the pastor or associate pastor as early as possible.
__ 2. Give deposit to secure the date of the wedding.
__ 3. Obtain the Together for Life booklet from priest.

Things to do a few months before your wedding:

__ 1. Meet with the priest for the preparation meetings.
__ 2. Register for the diocesan marriage preparation program.
__ 3. Schedule a rehearsal day and time.
__ 4. Provide the priest with your two signed affidavits.
__ 5. Contact the musicians (accompanist and cantor).
__ 6. Select readings and prayers and music for your wedding.
__7. Meet with the priest to finalize the wedding ceremony.

Things to do at least two weeks before your wedding:

__ 1. Obtain civil marriage license and give it to the priest.
__ 2. Provide checks for your musicians and give them to the priest.
__ 3. Provide check for the remaining church donation and give to the priest.